Riata Idea Hatchery

Who is the Riata Idea Hatchery for?

The Riata Idea Hatchery is catered for students at a “pre-business launch” stage, which typically means they have yet to work past the business idea or concept. Throughout the course of the semester, the student will receive mentoring and advising to help establish whether or not the business concept will be feasible or profitable. The hatchery is open to all students in every discipline across campus. The application process consist of an online application form, and if necessary, an interview selection round.

Space is limited to 15-20 resident companies a semester and students have a maximum residency stay of two semesters, since the goal is to either move the company forward, or explore other options.

What are the requirements to be accepted into the Hatchery?

The main requirement is a good business idea concept! No business plans are required at this stage. If accepted, the student will be asked to sign a tenant agreement and terms of operation contract.

What can I expect as a Hatchery Resident?

Being a hatchery resident involves participation in all scheduled bi-weekly hatchery activities, such as but not limited to, private advisor meetings, group meet-ups, guest speaker series, etc. Throughout the semester-long residency, the student will have a chance to interact with other student entrepreneurs, get plugged into the OSU and local Oklahoma entrepreneurial ecosystem, while determining whether or not their business will be successful in the long-run. The progress of the business concept will be tracked via monthly and end of semester milestones. Each semester will culminate in a presentation of the business concept’s viability – can this idea move forward as a successful company?

The hatchery will consists of flexible group work space, conference rooms and computers solely for the use of hatchery residents.

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Students Businesses in the Hatchery

Hatchery Residents – Fall 2014

BKNR: Jonathan Buckner, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
Bamboo fabric women’s active wear

Bonhomie: Kelsey Kistler, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
Homemade natural skincare products

Social Entrepreneur: Juan Cordero, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
Day care center, yoga center (kids and teens), social and tourist projects in Ecuador

Crowdsourced Scholars: Shawn Jones, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
Crowd funding platform for students

Cuddly Companions: Kendall Gibso, Marketing and Entrepreneurship; Dakota Murillo, Marketing and Entrepreneurship; Steton Gilley, Entrepreneurship
A pet Adoption website

Direct Kicks: Louis Lacarbonnara, Entrepreneurship
Buy and sell unwanted kicks

Empower Global: Georgina Ankrah, M.S. in Entrepreneurship; Darin Applegate, M.S in Entrepreneurship
An Educational and consulting venture for startups in Africa

Koshu Japanese Steakhouse: Japhet Martinez, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
Hibachi restaurant

Me in My Mirror, LLC: Anita Boykins, Entrepreneurship
Jewelry for empowerment

OuroLac: Sheline Schutz: M.S. in Entrepreneurship
Lactose Free products for Brazil

Plasma Bionics: Kedar Pai, Ph.D. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Rohita Mal, M.S in Management Information Systems; Chris Timmons, Entomology and Plant Pathology; Mohit Agarwal, M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Management
Plasma sterilization technology

QBRT: Zach Smith, Entrepreneurship, Gabe Goza
Sports training technology

Turfgrass Management Specialists: Diane Cooper, M.S in Entrepreneurship, Elise Schultz
Weather forecasting system and service

TheCollegeDeal: Jonathan Huggins, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
College consignment store

T-Shirts for Charity – T4C: Kevin Christensen, Entrepreneurship
T-Shirts for Charity

Without Remorse: Paige Brooks, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
Conscious Artisan retail store

Jasmine Walker: Jasmine Walker, Marketing
Social venture boutique

Hatchery Residents – Spring 2014

Aerofusion: Lee Easton, B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering; Trevor Hermosillo, B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering; Jacob Stockton, M.S. Unmanned Aerospace Systems
Company service that will be monitoring and collecting data with the use of UAVs in the up and coming industry of commercial UAVs.

BettyTrack : Ben Wolff, B.S. Finance & Entrepreneurship; Kaley Uptergrove, B.S. Marketing & Management
The concept of BettyTrack is to collect, analyze and link data that could enable cattle producers to improve the quality and efficiencies of their business. BettyTrack would be a producer of the tracking devices used to collect this data as well as a service provider enabling the use of the data being collected.

The Billy Goat Ice Cream Co. : Rashaun Robinson, M.S.in Entrepreneurship; Caleb Neil, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
The Billy Goat Ice Cream Company is a healthy alternative ice cream manufacturer that utilizes goat milk as its formula foundation. With the extensive health benefits offered from goat milk we wanted to carry those properties in an ice cream with premium all natural flavors.

BKNR : Jonathan Buckner, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
BKNR is a for profit clothing line created to help members of the community support local charities. A portion of every purchase will get funneled to a local charity we work with. On our website, we will list the charities we support as well as other ways to get involved.

Crowdsource Your Education : Shawn Jones, M.S.in Entrepreneurship
The idea is to provide an alternative source of funding to students besides student loans or highly competitive or highly specialized scholarships. The principle idea behind the service is based on the crowdsourcing platforms such as Kickstarter.com. Verified students would use the platform to connect with potential funders for their education using their existing networks of friends and family as well as being able to connect with alumni of the school they are attending or individuals wishing to give aid to new students.

EndScope Studios : Adam Clark, B.S. Computer Science; Jeremy Barton, B.S. Computer Science; Roberto Hernandez, B.S. Computer Science
Our business will be developing interactive entertainment that showcases the creative talent of Oklahoma in a quickly growing, and multiple billion dollar Video Game industry. Our principal products will be the video games that we produce.

Gamma Tutoring : Rohit Mishra, B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Andrew Noel, B.S. Mathematics
The principal product is a service and that is door to door tutoring for the greek life.

Indigdev LLC : Joshua Ringer, Ph.D. International Agriculture
Indigdev LLC is an agricultural and food solutions’ company based in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. We develop solutions that provide higher value for agricultural products, research innovative methods and technologies, and share how to use these solutions through consulting and educational services.

Lead Door Studios : Carter Jarrett, B.S. Entrepreneurship
Monstrum: an iOS game. Action/adventure rpg with creature collection aspect.

Scenic Selfie : Jenna Dyke, B.S. Hotel & Restaurant Administration; Josh Jackson, B.S. Marketing
We would first develop an app that participants can download to their phone. Inside the app would be a feature that would connect to a self-standing camera sat an angle for a “Scenic Selfie.” They would then be able to adjust themselves in the picture by being able to see through the camera lens on their phone while also being able to take the picture on their command by selecting a button to do so. The photo would then download directly to their phone.

Tempered Mind Inc. : John Harden, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
Tempered Mind Inc. is an ‘edutainment’ company that makes fun educational. Tempered Mind will initially focus on language-education App development, producing mobile games modeled after popular formats, but combined with education modules that introduce new content, reinforce previously- introduced material, and test comprehension and retention.

Turfgrass Management Specialists : Diane Cooper, M.S.in Entrepreneurship; Sheline Schutz, M.S.in Entrepreneurship
Turfgrass Management Specialists provides decision support planning and management systems for the turfgrass industry. Our first product, Turfgrass Wizard will improve Golf Couse Superintends/Sports Turf Managers decision making process through integrated weather forecast and alert notifications, maintenance documentation, inventory tracking and reports and graphics outputs.

YOUlisting : Levi Trammell, B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering
YOUlisting is a social classified-ad platform whose focus is YOU. YOUlisting has many features currently available in many classified-ad websites, including Craigslist and eBay. There are many key features that makes YOUlisting a much more personable experience.