New Venture Incubator

Who is the New Venture Incubator for?

Unlike the Idea Hatchery, the New Venture Incubator is catered towards students that have already launched their businesses, but would like to remain plugged into our network for ongoing resources and support. Though less stringent in terms of milestones and deliverables, the goal of the incubator is to provide a healthy entrepreneurial environment that supports the student business through its post-launch early stages.

The incubator is open to all students in every discipline across campus. The application process consist of an online application form, and if necessary, an interview selection round.

Space is limited to 10 resident companies a semester and there is no limit in terms of maximum residency stay.

What are the requirements to be accepted into the Incubator?

Along with the required application, the student team must submit:

  • proof of incorporation
  • proof of generating revenue (or letters of support from potential buyers)
  • completed business plans with financials (cash flow, pro forma, etc.)
  • must be a graduate of the hatchery *exceptions may apply

If accepted, the student will be asked to sign a tenant agreement and terms of operation contract.

What can I expect as an Incubator Resident?

Companies in the Incubator will receive personal office space, access to private computers, telephones, fax, and a conference room. In addition, students receive continued mentoring from successful entrepreneurs, regularly meet with subject matter experts, and enjoy insight and inspiration from provocative speakers as needed. Students are also connected to resource providers, and have the opportunity to tap into resources from across the campus. While there are no “set” semester or monthly-based milestones, the company must be able to prove the continuation and growth of the company per semester that will be monitored on a bi-weekly basis.


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Incubator Residents:

  • Spring 2015
  • Billy Goat Ice Cream Co: Caleb Neil, M.S. in Entrepreneurship; Rashaun Robinson, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
    Goat milk-based ice cream

    Eta Energy: Nicholas Ishburgh, Management; Jonathan Ishburgh
    LED lighting distribution and installation

    Indigdev: Joshua Ringer, Ph.D. in Agricultural Education; Joshua Campbell, M.S. in International Agriculture; Daniel Herndon, Agricultural Economics
    Agricultural and food solutions

    Life Out of the Box: Quinn Vandenberg, M.S. in Entrepreneurship; Jonathon Button, M.S. in Entrepreneurship
    Social retail venture

  • Eta Energy: Nicholas Isburgh, B.S. in Sports Management
    A company that specifically specializes in LED lighting technology, it’s overall benefits, and research and development into future innovations of LED lights and the lighting industry. We both sell LED lights and do various consulting work in any terms of electricity or bill-reduction processes.

    Plasma Bionics: Kedar Pai, Ph.D. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; Anuashka Sharma, MSIS; Rohita Mal, MSIS; Prateek Khare, MSIS
    Producing and marketing plasma based technologies for sterilization and decontamination of medical instruments. Jonathan Huggins, B.S. in Entrepreneurship; Thomas Huggins, B.S. in Management
    The College Deal is a consignment company based on the proven business model created by Shannon Wilburn and the company Just Between Students. The company targets the college student demographic and will sell items that are crucial for college life, ranging from furniture and electronics to text books and appliances.

    Zulu Aviation Products: Tim McDonald, MBA
    Manufacturing lens covers for Night Vision Goggles and other optical devices.